Should I break my Twitter fast?

Since lent started I have not browsed my Twitter timeline or scanned the trending topics. I used to spend probably about an hour or more over the course of a day checking to see what was new or trying to write engaging tweets or tweeting replies to people.

What have I discovered about myself? The main thing is that I’m not a better person. Neither have I used my phone substantially less. I now read more in Safari reader mode and have been catching up on my saved articles in Pocket, as well as hitting YouTube more. I am, however, reading more poetry, catching up on a couple of books in my backlog.

The main thing I have found out about myself though is that I now know I do not depend on Twitter. I am at a stage where I would quite like to go back to my old habits, but I’m not sure I really want to.

My Twitter usage pattern was quite good, I thought. I followed interesting people, not all of the same mindset as myself. I followed maybe a few too many people, but I was generally able to read all the latest tweets in my timeline every day. I didn’t go surfing the trending topics to find something to outrage me, though there were still too many times I tweeted from the hip. I also had a habit of spending a long time drafting a tweet, but then deleting it when I caught myself on, which most people will never notice, but is a subtle time sink.

So, will I go back to Twitter? Possibly, but for now I intend not to.